Hi i have an Epiphone les paul jr 57 reissue


now im more of a punk rock , metal hard rock guitarist .. so i wanna switch the pickup to a humbucker high output for metal and agressive sound .

the best pickup for me is the Di marzio Dp tone zone p-90 humbucker ( 16.9 k resistance ) .


Now will i be able to fit the dimarzio into the les paul jr .. i know they are both p-90 but the les paul one is call a dog-ear and has a weird shape .

will the dimazrio p-90 humbucker fit into the dog ear of the les paul jr ???
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i believe it should, but there will be spots on the side from the dog-ear edges, like you mentioned. you should have to drill into the guitar for the mounting screws of the p90, but i'm kind of confused because the p90 you showed from dimarzio doesn't have mounting screws on it... strange. but yeah, the pickup should fit just fine
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The Dog ear is meant to be screwed to the top of the body, the mounting ears are part of the pick up, where as the other, (which is called a Soap Bar) is meant to be recessed into the body. Usually they will have 2 screws inbetween the poles but I don't see that on the Dimarzio one.
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You can do it but yeah, there will be holes left over. The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop offers a pickup which has a dog ear cover so it is a direct replacement for your pickup, but it has a full humbucker undearneath and they'll wind it to whatever spec you want. The SD CS dog ear humbucker has the added advantage of being a proper, normal-sized humbucker underneath its cover, whereas other P-90-sized humbuckers and stacked P-90s are still thinner and longer than normal and so always have a slightly lighter and brighter tone; if you want an actual humbucker sound, the SD CS dog ear humbucker is the way to go.

Bear in mind too that larger DC resistance does not always equal more output or a more 'metal' tone or whatever. Even then, output has very little to do with your tone and ideally you should match the output of your pickups to the nature of your amp and how you use the volume control on the guitar and the preamp volume (or gain) control on the amp. Otherwise you may end up getting a pickup that has very high output when you might actually not be making any use of that output at all, in which case you're just losing response and not gaining anything.
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