Hey, I recently changed the strings on my guitar and since then they sound dull. I used cheap D'darrio lights... not the coated ones cause the cheap ones were cheaper..... but for some reason they don't sound like the old ones did. I don't know what kind they were. BUT anyways my strings sound very thick and deep instead of the soft bright ringing tone that I like... is that because I bought the NON-EXP coated ones? it's an acoustic guitar.

It sounds like you have bought heavier strings than what you had on the guitar originally. Or maybe you've strung it incorrectly?
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It prolly had 80/20 bronze on them, which sound much much more bright and airy than normal brass strings, so you bought normal brass strings, which do sound dull and bassy compared to 80/20 bronze.

D'Addairo makes some of the best acoustic and electric strings in my opinion, the EXP strings are some of the best coated, non coated strings. They are coated, but feel and sound like they are plain steels.
Hey, thanks so much for the quick replies. I put D'darrio non coated phosphors.... would the D'darrio EXP lights sound much softer and brighter than the non coated phosphors? Maybe thats my issue... the EXPS are more money but you do get what you pay for....
The EXP 80/20 bronze strings is what you want to get, they are coated, but are much much brighter than phosphors bronze strings. They will typically hold their brightness for a month or two, depending on how much you play, and will not rust, I'm serious, they wont rust at all in that period.

I typically get light gauge strings, which is .012, which is still a heavy gauge, and most acoustics are set up for this gauge anyway, so it's best to stick to it.
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i know it sounds like a dumb question but makesure you didnt accidently get electric guitar strings!

also if id recemened any accoustic ones it would be dunlop brass 12 gage

i gotta stop you there!

Ernie Ball makes the best acoustic strings
You either bought a higher gauge but it sounds like you bought a different type of strings. For example, when I first started playing I didn't know or care much about the types of strings. I use to buy the Elixir nano webs for my acoustics- they were very bright and "clangy" sounding. I really didn't like them. I tried a few different brands and eventually settled on d'addario phosphorus bronze strings- they give a warmer, deeper tone.

I would experiment with different strings- it's the only way you'll find the ones you like.

Also, new strings always sound and feel a bit odd at first until you break them in.
Break them in for a few days and see if you like the sound anymore.
But if you want a brighter string you sould maybe look at 80/20.

A good way to tell what material strings you had on before is the color. 80/20 will be more yellow and regular phospher bronze will be more copper like in color.