Alright, so it's been a little while since I've posted here, but I've come across a fork in the road. Long story short, I need a rig for jazz. But, I don't want to buy a new rig, per se, but want to do something with my current one. Right now, I'm running a Schecter semi hollow into my Orange Rocker 30, which is cool, but by itself, leaves some to be desired for a good jazz tone, as I feel like my clean channel is very English voiced for jazz.

So, as I see it, I have two options here, suggested by my friends. I can either get an MXR Ten Band EQ, or an EHX 22 Caliber.

Pros of the MXR: I can modify not only my cleans for jazz, but if I need it for other genres, can make other alterations to my tone. After all, my Orange's clean channel is only a volume knob, so this would be a great way to achieve tonal variation.

Pros of the EHX: The main things attracting me to this pedal are that I've played my friend's 22 Cal through my Orange PPC212 with my guitar, and it sounds legit for jazz. I really dug it. However, the thing I'm more excited about would be not having to carry my Orange head to jazz gigs, and I could get a 112 in the future. Also, twenty bucks cheaper than the EQ, and less time consuming to set up at jazz gigs. Furthermore, a nice backup amp if something strange happens to my Rocker 30 on stage or something.

So most of the options point to the 22 Cal. However, I love my Rocker 30 and can't see myself owning a nicer amp, so an EQ pedal would be nice for the future, as that's the amp I'll be using for awhile. Income is limited, my only source being the jazz gigs I'll be asked to play, which only pay so much. If I had more money I'd just bite the bullet and buy a jazz amp, but seeing as I'm playing more and more, I need an affordable and quick solution.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: The EHX, if it's not as popular as I thought:
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The EHX oozes cool, but it is (obviously) a solid state amp, and will lack some of the warmth of using your Orange. Depending on the type of jazz you play, that could be bad.

If you're playing at a low volume, I'd look into getting an inexpensive head. The Valve Jr. head is oddly VERY good for what you need, provided you keep the volume low enough that it doesn't go into overdrive. If you're not playing with a drummer (or he's light-fingered), that won't be a problem. I haven't had stock tubes in my Valve Jr. for years though, so I might not be remembering things right. I swapped the preamp tube for a long-plate AU7, which gives me a little less gain and a little more volume.

If you're set on the pedal idea, I vote EQ. Orange amps have a great 'round and fat' sound already, and later on you can always use your EQ as a clean boost for solos.
you can get your clean channel on the orange modded for better cleans. Find a tech and tell him what you need to do.
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i find a boost pedal brightens my orange's tone, but if you want to go the 22 route, i don't see anything wrong with it. in fact i know quite a few local jazz guitarists prefer solid state or digital emulators over tube (for a number of different reasons). i don't know of any that want to push a tube amp's power section as it tends to moosh their complex chord structures.

i'd say take your amp setup to a store with pedals and try a number of options and A/B what you want to do. i'd try a boost pedal in addition to your eq and 22 ideas and see if brightens your tone, but you may not have enough headroom with the el84's in the rocker 30.

i don't agree with the VJ idea at all btw. personally, i would not want to play a such an amp when trying to achieve a 'jazz' tone, there is no headroom on it. it'd need a gold tipped 12AT-7 to tighten the tone and lower the preamp's gain for me to even consider playing jazz on it.

edit: don't agree the solid state amps won't be warm either, i have played 'warm' sounding solid state amps. hell, most bass amps are solid state, i think they sound pretty warm
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Orange Rocker 30, which is cool, but by itself, leaves some to be desired for a good jazz tone, as I feel like my clean channel is very English voiced for jazz.

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^*too English voiced. My bad.

At the conservatory at which I study, all the amps are solid state, so I don't have any opposition to SS. I too think SS amps sound great for jazz.

In terms of the VJ idea, thanks, but I have to agree with gumbilicious. I'd be too worried about headroom for that. You never know what kind of drummer you'll be playing with, haha. On the other hand, I've tried the 22 Cal already, and it's got enough headroom for me.

AcousticMirror, can you tell me what goes into modding my amp for better cleans? As in what specifically will be done? And how much should I expect to pay?

Thanks guys