guys, fyi im interested on these mesa amp, looking for Petrucci tone, metallica, Alter Bridge tone in particular, heard before earlier that Bugera going to clone Mesa however not really sure of this.

the thing is im wondering which is better options combo VS Head +1x12 cab, im not into gigs,just home practicing or as bedroom amp, once a while will jam with fellow mates, nothing more than that.

my experience of is playing a bugera combo VS Head +4x12 cab, and the difference was big, as u can get a better bottom end with stack instead of combo.

any owners out there mind to share their thoughts regarding of this Mesa Express series? into Mesa tone, and these series pricing suite me as well.

thx in advance, cheers...
Awesome amps, but nothing like the rectifier which might be the sound your looking for. The express is more bluesy and gritty in my opinion, but the cleans are awesome.
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The Express will NOT, get you any of those tones.

They are marketed as having "the gain of the Rectifiers," but they are NO WHERE close. They are mid gain amps good for blues and classic rock.

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thx guys for all the inputs, appreciate it, guess i'll have to get one on hands and then only decide, cheers..
i actually like the express series. never had any experience with the head and cab, however my local GC caries all 3 combos. the 1x12 seems just right to me at 25W, however they have a 1x10 if size or budget is an issue.

tonally, the amps are nothing like the rectifier series. they have a much more vintage thing going on, however with some tweaking they can push metal tones. the amps arent plug in and play, they take a lot of time tweak just right, but after a little time with the amp you'll realize that they do quite a range of tones. gain could be lacking, however i think gain is overrated. it wont get super saturated like a Rectifier or 6505, but it will dip into 80's hot rod tones pretty well.

however i think the cleans are the best part of the amp, and the reverb is definately an added benefit unlike most rectifiers.
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