Okay, those of you who pay attention to me will have known that I've moved to a new place recently.

Well, back when I was living at the other house, I was tasked with the duty of lawnmowing.

The problem?

There were lots of field mice over there. Lots of land and fieldy areas for them to run around. Lots of grass and places to hide.

Driving the lawnmower around, I would often stop when I see something move in front of me in fear that I might run over a field mice.

You'd see them scurrying about in the grass but they are so damn slow compared to the lawnmower and sometimes they are going the wrong way.

Anyways, I remember this one time, the lawnmower had been down and out for awhile so the grass had really been building up.

Grass was pretty damn tall.

Lawnmower finally got repaired and so I had to go mow the lawn of course.

Again, field mice problem. And even more since the grass was so tall.

And it's funny because, where do they all go?

Well, after going around everywhere, which takes pretty much all day, I got to a part where the grass was the tallest.

I left it for last because it was so damn tall and thick.

After mowing through the area, I noticed that it was really wet there and the cut grass had a strange reddish tint.

I could only have imagined what might've happened there.

And it was A LOT.

Really wet and strangely red.



tl;dr - I think I ran over a nest of field mice once during my lawnmowing days.

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When I played baseball, I accidentally stepped on a mouse in an overgrown practice field. I can still hear the crunch even though that was almost 10 years ago.

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Your new title is "UG's innocent animal killer".

But yeah, I generally encounter a snake every time I mow the lawn. Most of the time they get away safely, and sometimes I accidentally mow them. Hate snakes anyway.
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I was playing baseball and I hit the ball and it drilled a bird in the sky.
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yeah i have.
it was a frog and its leg shot out and hit my little brother in the face.

it was pretty kickass.

sounds pretty brutal, however you can't really help it... just watch you don't kill them all. then they'll all be sad ={
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yeah i have.
it was a frog and its leg shot out and hit my little brother in the face.

it was pretty kickass.

That is kickass.

When I was riding my bike, a duck decided to fly across the road straight into my front wheel, it got catapulted 10 feet back to the side of the road, and I think I killed it.
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