hi guys im just wondering how to do short stabs... yes thats right im calling them stabs because i dont know what they are really called. Just where you strum and stop the strings straight away (think metallica, slipknot, etc)

No matter how I try and stop the strings after after strumming (whether I do it soft or hard) I get about half a second of feedback. I have even tried covering the other strings which is pretty much necessary anyway because the other strings always vibrate... but still i get the feedback.

What causes this?

Would lowering the pickups help?

Thanks for your time everbody.
it can depend on what setting your amp is at.. if there is tons of gain and its turned up really loud then feedback is always there... I would pull back on the gain or something just get some of the distortion out... just try to get the feedback out first keep messing with that... and then you can master the actual technique

with this if I am holding a power chord or full chord I would slightly lift my hand off of the fretboard and at the same time use my picking hand to cover all of the strings by pushing my pinky into the strings length wise... as in just putting your hand down there to stop them from moving

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i palm mute straight after strumming to stop chords straight away if thats what your looking for, that works on really high gain settings
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sorry i should have mentioned this is thru guitar rig. So are there by any chance any youtube vids on how to do what you guys are talking about?

thanks so much for the replies
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sorry i should have mentioned this is thru guitar rig.

So? lol. Guitar rig is an amp like any other.

Do you know what a palm mute is? Do that quickly to all the strings after you've hit whatever chord you're playing.
Also, use the fretting hand. After you play the strings, you need to use the fret hand to mute all 6. Just stick all of your fingers over all the strings, pressing slightly but not enough to fret any notes.