hello. i was seeing what one of my favorite ebay stores was selling for strings and i came across everly strings. this same company also makes ClearTone strings which I am so fond of. anyway these everley b52s are advertised as being made of iron and nickel and are supposed to bring more life out of your pickups, according to the website. just wondering if anyone has any experience with these? used the search bar and found one thread where a user stated he used these and liked them a lot. its always nice to get second opinions though. thanks

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I had seen them in my local music store I think. Thought "meh, more strings that I don't like, yay Dean Markley!" But now you have sparked my interest. Hmmmm....

EDITZ: Do you think you would have to move the pickups farther from the strings, to avoid intonation/sustain loss?
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