Hi all
I have been playing about a year and a half now.
I have a £1000 budget
I have a blackstar tube amp
I am looking for a guitar to play music such as the strokes, white stripes also Iron maiden

Any suggestions?
so u'r going to be playing mainly alt rock and some classic metal?

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What are the main differences between the American strat and the American tele?
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What are the main differences between the American strat and the American tele?

Tele has 'fatter' sound, whereas the strat sounds 'thin'. BTW All of the Iron Maiden guitarsits use Fender Strats.
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the tele sound is most described as "twangy".

i own a HSS strat, and it would suit the styles you play.

the strat has a humbucker pickup which gives more output and therefor has a fatter sound.

i'd say go for a hss strat
I like the strat sound, but personally I'd go for an Ibanez S420 or something similar. Amazing sound, and you'd have £550 (ish) left over for other things Awesome on both counts
ibanez S series is pretty versatile,you might wanna check them out..but if you dont like em,a HSS strat will be perfect
On those three bands quite tricky. Hammond Jr/Maiden use Strats. Valensi/Jack White have a more earthy/hollow sound.

I was going to say a semi-hollow epiphone until you mentioned Maiden. Strats/Teles you can't go wrong with as they're very versatile.

If you decide to get a Tele look around for a Japanese one. They're excellent instruments, look great and will hold their value better than American counterparts. For Strats I'd say it may be worth shelling out the extra bit more for the USA Standard.

If I'm honest, a year and a half of playing is not enough time to have developed and understand where you want to 'go' with your playing necessarily. I'd say get yourself two guitars. A Japanese Strat maybe (they are cost effective and good) and an Epiphone Riviera/Sheraton something like that.

If you decided to go used I reckon you could get both of those for about £750, and you can also have more tonal range > sinking it all into one guitar.

Your choice though of course.
Get yourself to the best guitar shop(s) in your region and take your amp with you (unless they sell the same model and its in stock or use theres if you fancy a play on some top end amps aslo) and play what ever guitars take your fancy, then give it a couple of days and go back and try the ones you thought were the best.

This is the best way for you to get the right guitar for you and any decent guitar shop will have no problem with you trying as many guitars as you want... especially if you tell them your budget, also dont be afraid to try guitars just over your budget as most guitar stores are flexible.
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I live in central London so there are tons
of guitar stores about, I just wanted a few to go by when I went in to try some out.
All the Denmark St stores are overpriced. Ask them to pricematch other stores/online prices cos they try and rip you off.

The comment above on trying out as many as possible, and not buying on the first visit is valid.

I stand by my advice that it's better to have two £500 guitars than one £1000 guitar as you will have more tonal range.
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Tele has 'fatter' sound, whereas the strat sounds 'thin'. BTW All of the Iron Maiden guitarsits use Fender Strats.

No, Adrian has used mostly Jacksons and Gibsons. Now he's using his own Jackson signature. He actually rarely played fenders.
But yeah, a fat strat is what you need. Hint: go G&L
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I'm looking at strats now and there are many different HSS Strats
theyend with a different code e.g

what are the differnces?
The first two letters are the fretboard. RW=rosewodd MN=maple
The second two are the finish. AM=amber? OP=olympic white pearl etc
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