I'm looking for some kind of interface so I can record music to my computer, but I don't know a whole lot about them. I haven't got a whole lot of cash to spend, so keep the suggestions reasonably priced. I was looking at the Line 6 Toneport UX1, something along those lines, but I know nothing about it.

My setup is a Bugera 333XL (with a line out), and a few of my pedals have line outs as well (Blackstar HT-Dual, BOSS Acoustic Simulator), if it makes any difference.
Define "reasonably priced" please
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I bought a toneport ux2... was really looking forward to using it....long story short, it never worked. I phoned up line 6 and they neglected to tell me it had major problems working on laptops with turion processors :/

M audio stuff looks good though, I'd recommend them
i have a toneport GX, its all i use to record stuff and i think its pretty good quality.
the recordings on my profile were made with the Toneport GX and a crappy laptop if you wanna get an idea of the sound quality.
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Well I'd be running it into a desktop PC, not a laptop, so that's all good.

Sammy2K7 - those recordings are really good, all songs I like too lol
Im guessing that if you were to use a GX or UX1 it would sound better because of the better computer.
The GX also works fine with pedals, ive used a WD-7, DF-7, and a FAB Chorus when making those recordings
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The Line6 UX devices are a bit awkward. It took them several months before they had drivers for Win7. I've managed to get some decent use out of my UX2 but I certainly wouldn't buy one now.

If I was currently looking for something of similar price, I'd probably go for the M-Audio Fast Track Pro or the PreSonus AudioBox.
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Sammy2K7 - That's good, I have a fair few pedals, I wonder how it'd take to my Line 6 FM4.

ChrisN - I'm still using Vista so that's all good lol

Wtr - I have heard of POD farm, what is it exactly?
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ChrisN - I'm still using Vista so that's all good lol
It's actually fine now and does work on Win7.

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POD Farm is pretty cool.
It has a lot less latency than the old Gearbox, too. Bonus!
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This is more suited for the Recording forum.

Anyway, the Toneport series is great. POD Farm is pretty decent modelling software and the interface is great. UX2 also has phantom power which is great. It's somewhat cheap as well.
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+1 For a toneport, I own a UX1 and with Other software (Amplitube + some impulses) You can get some great tones.
Personally i find toneports and podfarm and etc things to be terrible, i had one and it took me weeks to get a tone i liked,

My suggestion is to buy a Shure SM57 and a Decent input box, you could buy a UX1 which has a mic support as well, so you could use the shure Sm57 mic as well as the UX1 depending on which you liked best

But seeing as you have a nice amp already i don't see why you wouldn't want to capture the tone from your amp. Rather than something digital.

I have a $10 microphone called a zalman Zm1 i think, and imo it's bloody brilliant for $10, and records fine using reaper, and since I'm only using it for youtube videos it's perfect

However, Since it's a cheap microphone, It would probably get destroyed by the 333xl at decent volume, i can't comment on this as I'm still waiting for my 6262 to come back from repairs.

Later down the track i will get a better microphone and proper input box for it tho,

If my UX2 was to get stolen, i highly doubt I'd ever buy another line 6 product like it, The drivers are shoddy at best (for win7) and even then I've still been having issues and so have others.

The advantage of the POD is you have everything, there already most effects you'll want etc and amp simulations, and you can record at anytime during the night like 3am etc, but it won't sound as good as a real amp.

But imo the better side of the 333XL is the fact that you know that amp, say you record something, you want to replay it at band practice, you'll know the settings you used for that sound etc. rather than have to bring in a recording from the pod and then try sort out the settings on the 333xl to get close to what you had.
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ahh you poor fools for upgrading to windows7 and vista both shocking operating systems
most of the bugs on vista are gone but the toneport series work greatt with XP and the line 6 community is pretty cool too
the problem with the amp sims is they're abit trebly so you need to EQ it out but its not hard
if you do get a UX1 make sure your get the metal pack atleast( i assume you play metal by the bugera 333xl) really makes it worth it
Vista was fine. I never once had a bad time with it; no bugs, no crashes, and drivers for everything I ever needed.

But hang on, Win7 shocking? It's really, really not. But each to their own!
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I have a UX1 and a Shure SM57. It gives me great recording options as I can either use my mic to mic my amp and add effects with pod farm, or just mic the amp, or just use pod farm. Pod farm I find is good for metal and cleans, and decent for rock and blues, a hell of a lot better than the line 6 spider still. I'd say a UX1 is worth a shot I got mine for £40 used

Sorry for the necrobump, but it is my own thread and still relevant ^_^

I just came into some money so I'm back looking at these again. Veered away from the UX1, looking more towards the M-Audio range. I want to get a SM57 and record from my amp, just wondering if the M-Audio Fast Track II would be good for what I need or if I should look further to the Fast Track Pro.