Many people are deterred from learning to play guitar anywhere past 20, because they don't want a teacher, and whenever they look on the internet they are directed towards a guide that claims to be able to teach you "Stairway to Heaven" in 10 minutes! These guides are useless and normally just a money grabbing scheme. After looking for a while I have found a guide, it's not perfect but if you had the same problems as me whilst starting out on guitar, this will be a great help along the way!

So if you have ended up on Ultimate Guitar struggling to start, please visit
Adult Guitar Lessons
I don't see why learning to play after 20, 30 50, 60 should be any different than picking up an instrument as a teenager and learning to play. Why does age matter?

I started playing when I was just turning 17 and I thought that was late. I'm in my 20's now and I'm still learning every day- it will be a learning process for the rest of my life. Who cares?
Age does not matter at all. If you want to play you can. Also this seems like advertising to me. Is that against forum rules?
Like anyone is going to be daft enough to click on that link.

Besides, what difference does being an adult make?
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Apart from this obvious and ridiculous advertising you are NEVER too old to learn any instrument. To even suggest such a thing is preposterous.

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Nice try!

still on the topic of age - I first picked up a guitar when I was 18 but gave it up within a year or so while taking lessons for a couple of months)

After all the usual stuff, education, jobs and what not , I have taken up guitar on my own after 30 and I don't find that my age stops me from playing/learning what I want one bit.
Only problem being old is you have other stuff to tend to and hence not enough time can be devoted to do something you love doing i.e playing guitar.
hi i'm 58 and i'm learning every day..........that i hate Bm but i will master it soooooon !!!!!!
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hi i'm 58 and i'm learning every day..........that i hate Bm but i will master it soooooon !!!!!!

Thanks fender Fella , I thought I was the old chap on this firm also late 50s
Im still learning & loving it though these hands have seen better days I dearly love being a bedroom rocker ,and yes I AM getting better all the time , barre chords are
hard but if this ham fisted sod can do it anyone can !!!!
I know better than to click on ANY link with the word ADULT in it

But I opened this thread to mention a story:

My friend 29years old, recently broke up wiht her fiance. She was depressed and going crazy. I bought her an acoustic and a book. I showed her how to pick the strings and how to read the tabs.

5 days later, she was playing some very basic stuff, but very accuratelly. Now, 3 months later, she's doing great, so no, you're NEVER too old. It's all about the person
I started fairly late myself too - I was 21. At the time I was a little discouraged at having started late - my teacher who was about my age had been playing since he was 13, and that seemed like a huge amount of lost time to make up for. Looking back, I was a bit impatient to get good right away - which was a good thing in that it caused me to push myself, but I also wasn't seeing the big picture. Which is this - if you've got that music gene - I'm not talking about "natural talent", more the pull towards music - then learning and playing an instrument is a life long thing. In the end it doesn't make that much difference if you started at 13 or 21 or anything in between. You realize that it's not about this race to become good, it's having this life-long passion and thing you turn to throughout good times and bad. I'm 39 now, almost 40, and when I think back through all the memories of my adult life, the one thing that was always there was the guitar. In comparison, whether I had a few years head start or not doesn't seem like that big a deal anymore.
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I don't see why learning to play after 20, 30 50, 60 should be any different than picking up an instrument as a teenager and learning to play. Why does age matter?

IMHO, it does matter. Adults and children learn in very different ways. And in my experience, a lot of guitar teachers struggle with that difference. But that should never be a barrier.
Wow, I see you guys thinking you started late in your early 20's. I'm 43yo and picked up a guitar 5 months ago. What you fail to relize is that as we get older we tend to not function physically as well as a 20yo. That could be a barrier in learning as fast as someone more youthful. On the other hand, I am in love with playing guitar now. I have no stress to learn because it's just a way for me to musically release the tension of a day. I doubt I'll ever be a great guitarist, but I'm to a point in my life where it doesn't matter, as long as I am happy with what I do.
I actually think it can be a advantage to start late - at least for some people. With age your knowlegde about music, your own taste in music, and how you learn increase. Learning how to learn is an art by itself.
For some the experience age gives you will mean accelerated learning. I started when I was 19 - almost 20 and I don't I would have learned at this pace if I started age 12-13.
For example I learn music theory much quicker than I think I would be able to learn it in my early teens.
well, OP is pretty obvious spam.

But seeing that theres some discussion.. I never realy got why just about everyone starting out or wanting to thinks their too old to learn guitar. Like people in their 50s or 40 understandably, but then 30 year olds think their too old, 20 somethings think their too old.
I've even seen 14 year olds thinking they are too late.

Where the hell does the perception come from that you need lessons as a 6 year old to get anywhere?

Overtstating the influence of talent?
Musical heroes that seem to started playing when they where kids?
The idea that it takes years to be even able to play.. yes, it takes years to get good, but within a week of starting out you can play your first simple songs.. I've had someone wanting to startlearning guitar be 'intimidated' by the idea that it took a year to be even able to play greenday songs..

There's just this weird perception from non-guitar muggles looking at guitar players.. overrating the abilities of average players into godlike status, so maybe something like that?
Well, it is clear that individuals who learn a second language from the get go are much more fluent in both languages. Maybe that's where people get this idea. Music is basically another language, so it could be that individuals who start as children have the ability to be much more proficient (not that you can't get pretty damn proficient if you didn't).

If you look at all the great world chess champions, they all started playing very young as well.

I don't know for sure, but I would bet lot that there is scientific research on this topic.

That being said, I started at 22 and I couldn't be happier. It was the best decision I ever made. Do I wish I had started earlier? Yes and no. If I had started much earlier I can see my life having been very different, which is both good and bad.
i thought the link was abt some prono...
now i am a bit disappointed...
tired of finger speed exercise and turned into slow blues improvisation lately
I started playing when I was 26-27...Somewhere in there...Back in the 70s. I'm 63 now and still learning stuff, have recently been honing my slide technique.

There are always going to be prodigies that pick up an instrument at 3 and sound like Mozart at seven... A bad idea to compare yourself to these people. Music should be fun. Play what you like, find the limits of your skill, and enjoy.
I've seen many great entertainers who have little in the way of "chops" but are loved by the audience.
The different age makes is you have more things to distract you and take up your time as you get older like you wifes ever growing list of tasks that urgently need doing
I'm 13 and been playing for 7 years. When I'm 42 I'll still be learning new things on guitar. It's just not something you can "master".
After 20 years of procrastinating I finally picked up the guitar last year after I turned 41. I don't know why but everytime I thought about taking it up I thought I was to old to start. It was actually Rock Band that got me to go for it, specifically an SRV album download for the game (and no, I didn't think I could play guitar because I was good at the game). I went to our local music store and arranged to get lessons from a great teacher who is in a band and really knows his stuff. I'm on the guitar everyday, even on my most busiest day I will make sure I get on it for at least 15-20mins.