I have just started playing guitar and just looking into amps and effects etc

What are the best makes for practice amps and peddles etc


What type of music are you playing?

What's your budget?

There are no "best" anything - its all about personal preference. There are some pieces of gear that a lot of people love but some people hate and there are some pieces of gear that a lot of people hate but some people love.
A little no nonsense practice amp is the best thing to start with. Leave the whole effects pedal thing til you can play. Don't be enticed by all the shiny lights on things like line6 spiders. Get something basic that sounds good like a Fender Champion 600 or a Marshall Class 5 and practice your arse off. By the time you start needing effects pedals you'll be more aware of what you need and what's out there. Effects are just a distraction at your stage in proceedings.
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Thanks for the replies! .. ended up going for a Vox VVT tube amp! i love it! so clear! sounds good with My Tanglewood Semi acoustic! ....

The type of music i play is alternitive ... Love Damien rice at the moment ... Jack Johnson and Ben Harper! Learning a few of there songs!