Im not sure where Im supposed to post this question,but here seemed fine.Im going to start playing guitar and wasn't sure what the biggest difference between the two were,and if learning chords was absolutely necessary to playing guitar because it looks really complicating,especially to me because I have no musical knowledge.
Thanks in advance.
There are some good basic through to advanced music theory lessons here.

It's worth learning how the major scale and keys work, as that'll teach you how chords work.
I'm not a particularly advanced guitar player, but to me this post is like saying "I want to learn to paint, but don't want to use the colors red, orange, yellow, green, or black." Yeah, I guess a person could paint pictures with just two colors, but that's awfully limiting, and a good painter understands color theory, even if they don't use all the colors.

My advice is to start learning and don't rule out learning chords. Just don't sell yourself short, y'know? I started playing guitar with no musical expertise at all, but I picked up a book and DVD set called "Guitar for the Absolute Beginner" and it helped a lot. Plus, I have friends who play guitar who have given me help and advice. Just start learning, and don't give up. Good luck.
Yeah I guess you two are right.I just didn't think i'd be able to do chords because they looked complicated but I guess I'll just have to keep practicing!