went into my local store and one of the guitars that caught my eye was a superstrat, no finish, no logo, dark nice grain, missing 2 front single coils, bridge humbucker, and a floyd rose style missing the trem arm pickup selector switch, and tone knob

its like a 1980s samick guitar for 300 that has been stripped down with the finish removed. not sure if it even works. however, because its unfinished and missing all that its a PERFECT project guitar.

the neck is slightly wide, very thin, with jumbo FAT frets. i wnt to say 25 inch scale. i generally judge by doing a stretch of 3rd fret low E, 5th fret A, 7th fret D with my index, ring and pinky fingers (a riff uses this in man in the box). seemed shorter than a strat.

so, is it worth 300 in this condition? are samicks quality? is it worth throwing 200-300 more into it and throwing on some tung oil and have a nice super strat?

these days samicks are pretty sloppy, but 80s samicks are, as far as I heard, decent.... especially ones built to be exported
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They are decent guitars, but in no way worth 300 without the pickups. Also be sure to check out current Samick or Greg Bennett guitars for price comparison.
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well yes but like a lot of companies, guitars 20 years ago can vary drastically.

i mean it was sitting next to 2-3 crappy asian kramers for like 200 each. they werent very quality, you could tell in a heartbeat.

this guitar actually seemed kinda well put together. dark wood body (not sure what it was) with a maple neck. really? not even 300? i mean, electronics would be no more than 10-15 bucks, misc parts maybe another 10-15. trem arm, cleaning, wood finish, 2 cheaper pickups (maybe less than 50 a peice by some undetermined brand at this time) and i figure the whole guitar could be completely revamped for less than 200 bucks with all my labors.

set up trem, trem arm, install 2 pickups, install tone pot and switch, rewire whole guitar, tung oil whole guitar. less than a week worth of work total cost i think easily less than 200.

oh yeah another note:

CARVED TOP, and it was HEAVY. about as heavy as a les paul and about as thick as one too. i guess it was mahogany then. something heavy.
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Like some guys above are saying, I bet it is not worth 300 dollar in its condition. However, if you really want to, I don't see why not. I think it would be a fun little project.... especially if you think the wood is good enough
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I've played a Greg Bennett single cutaway semi-hollow. School bought it for $500, really nice guitar for the price.

Had a Samick acoustic, it was really nice too. Very thick tone and very loud for a laminate top. Everything about it was really nice. I think it was made in Korea.

So I dunno... it might be a pretty nice project.
nice. but yeah the question is given its condition and what it needs, im not sure it is worth it. it is a nicely shape, and good looking guitar though.

i mean hey, i were to make it great and it sounded and played great i supose its worth it. i dunno. i thought i had found some gem that a guy decided to work on and then just quit...well thats what happened because its stripped down. but meh.
Sounds like it could be an old Epiphone strat. They were made by Samick throughout the 80's and 90's. Probably not worth $300 in that condition. They typically dont fetch more that $150-200 complete.

Check out the website in my signature to see if it looks like any of the old Epi superstrats.
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