I am a complete beginner, I started playing the classic guitar today.

After trying some chords like D, C and G7 I found out that I have strings buzzing because my fingers also touch the surrounding strings. So I took one step backwards and tried to press a string with a finger and strumming the lower string. The lower string buzzed. I tried this thing with each of my fingers. I tried all sorts of positions and nothing worked. I made sure there is an arch in my fingers also. I still got the lower string buzzing. After so many attempts I sort of think that it's impossible for me to press a string with my finger without touching the lower string.

It's really frustrating because I came with a lot of motivation. I think that maybe my fingertips are too fat and this is what causes the problem.
I attach a photo so you can judge.

What can I do about that?
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OT: I don't think your fingertips are the problem. Just play alot and try out different ways until the buzzing stops. It takes a while to get used to the guitar, you know.
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I started playing the classic guitar today

You'll likely buzz and mute strings for months as you develop coordination, strength and most importantly independence in your fingers. It has nothing to do with the length/size of your fingers it has to do with time. It takes time. Period. No way around it.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with your fingers, the problem is simply that you're a beginner. You can't simply pick up the guitar and start playing it...it takes a while to get used to the feel of the instrument and you'll be clumsy and uncoordinated for a good few months. You just need to keep focussing and concentrate on getting the little details right.
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The past couple of replies have been spot on. I have some smaaaaaall hands for a guy, and with small hands comes short fingers. And still, I manage to play. Now, a seven string is a different story.
Yep, I had the same problem and nothing will make it go away except practice, strength and time, like the other guys said
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