i have a epiphone special 2 right now...but i want to get another guitar...

my Choices are:

Epiphone les paul special 2 GT

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Ebony

I know you'll probably say the studio, but give me reasons why its better
If you're going to get another guitar, why not get one that's substantially different from what you already have?
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Getting another Special 2 sounds like a waste of money...If you want to buy another guitar why not get something a step up from what you have now?

To be honest I don't think the Studio would really be a huge step up either. What's your price range and what styles of music do you play?
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why would you want two epiphone les paul specials or even a special and a studio? That makes no sense to me. Sell your special 2 and use the money you already have saved and buy a Epiphone les paul standard. It's an amazing guitar for the price.
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I would say the studio.

Although i agree with everyone else, do something different, or wait.
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Well, the GT is basically a Special with a trem and some added bling. Its most likely why they call it a "Special II GT".

The differences between it and the studio are the carved top, pickups (650T&700T vs. hot alnico classics), set neck vs. bolt on neck, the bridge and probably the tuners.

I'd go for a standard as well, though.
Of those two, the Studio is the much, much better guitar. Though really you should save up more and get a Standard as they in turn are much, much better than the Studio.
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