A little poem it took me like 5 minutes to make. It sort of came easy to me which is unusual but I'm not complaining. It's about a time I was on a beach, at possibly 10-11'O'Clock, so It was really dark. And looking at the waves, and the moons reflection I had a feeling of numinous (Not in the Religious sense, I was just taken back at the natural beauty of the scene). The soundtrack was perfect as well, I was listening to Jimmy Hendrix - Little Wing, which unintentially seemed such a fitting song for the scene, which explains the last line.

I look out to the sea,
It's peacefull here.
A place no one can steal,
no one can intrude.
The sea shells crumble under
my worn out sandals,
Not a light for miles,
the moon visable
on the clear ocean.

I'm brought back to reality
by the ocean's waves.
The world's beauty,
a feeling of numinous,
profoundness enters
my mind.I slowly
return to the world,
the real world.

I wish I could fly
out of this dreaded

I wish I could fly away,
I start to sing,
I turn up my ipod,
'Fly On Little Wing'