Hey UG

Well, it's my birthday soon, and I've decided to spend it on pedals. My dad's given me a £1000 budget, which in dollars is $1467.11

I need a delay, chorus, wah, overdrive, distortion, phaser and fuzz.

I have a les paul tribute, and am running through a blackstar ht 20 (and before you start suggesting I buy something else with my money, I won't buy another amp, because it's not going to be used in gigs)

Please keep this specified to PEDALS, not other gear.

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for an OD/Dist/Boost DEFINATELY check out the Rockbox Boiling Point.

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Buy a POD X3 and use the remaining money to buy a very nice acoustic guitar if you don't have one. No guitarist should be without an acoustic.
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My dad's given me a £1000 budget, which in dollars is $1467.11

Used to be nearer $2000

You should try out all the pedals you can in your local shops though, and I've heard very good things about the Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion, although I've never tried one.
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Buy a Fractal Audio Axe FX.

But it does seem ridiculous running £1000 worth of pedals into a £450 amp...
I don't think it's ridiculous if you're happy with the amp. It's not like he's got an MG; he's got a respectable valve amp. Sure it's no 65amps, but it's still supposed to be a good piece of kit.

I think it's more important to consider why he wants to spend all that money in one go on pedals when your taste can very quickly change. Buying pedals all in one go is a very bad idea, from my experience.
It does seem completly ridiculous spending a grand on pedals when you only have that amp and a LP copy, especially when it's not actually your own money, not being rude, just saying, maybe you should re-think that decision.
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It IS my own money, it's my birthday present money.

I already have an acoustic guitar that I'm very pleased with =]

Thanks to everybody else, are there any more suggestions?

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A word of warning: With your amp, a good many of the pedals suggested so far won't be worth the price you pay for them.

For example, the Rockbox Boiling Point. Best overdrive I've ever used. It's also about $400. On my Dr Z Maz 38, if I were to compare one of those to an Xotic BB Preamp ($175) and a Digitech Bad Monkey (under $100) there is a fairly substantial difference in quality between each one.

On my Peavey Classic 30, I could simply compare the Rockbox to the Bad Monkey, and to be honest, the difference is pretty small.

Point being, you can skip 90% of the boutique pedals because nothing about them will be worth the price you'll pay.

Keep in mind with pedals you'll also need to build or buy a board for them to go on, plus some kind of powersource for them. Unless that is you want to have to worry about batteries and unplugging each one everytime you're done playing.

On the other hand, I did like the idea of the multi-fx system like the Axe-FX even a TC Electronic Nova System or a Line6 M13 might not be a bad way to go.
You get £1000 for your birthday?

But yeah.

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OD/distortion/fuzz depends on what voicing and type you're looking for, please specify.
I would also go with a multi effect unit and if you can get an Axe FX for that then it's what I would do. You might also be just as happy with a Pod or a GT 10 too so check them out.

Personally I would be thinking of looking into something like a Strat or a Tele just to give you something different in your arsenal. That could be quite inspiring and can take you in a different direction to your normal preferences. Y'know, something different to the buckers and a meaty LP sound.

It's your cash and a generous prezzie too!

I'm sorry I couldn't give you any advice on pedals as I never really went in for them. And lately I been stripping my sound right down. I love my Laney TT50, but I recently (fairly) recently got a Vox AC4TV and I just love the simplified tone of it. Nothing much to juggle about with!

Really hankering after a strat myself now - for those Rory G tones!!!
The Axe-FX is a good choice.

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Phaser - T-Rex Phaser
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Distortion - Tone Freaks Severe. I found this to be one of the best distortion pedals I've ever played. It's not exactly cheap at £169, but the quality and service is excellent, not to mention the open and tight tone.

Delay - Malekko Ekko 616. This is the one of the only delay pedals I've ever owned. I've played quite a few but rarely bit the bullet. I did with this one without even trying it before-hand, and I don't regret it in the slightest. It's organic, lushes, spacey, uncontrollable (in a good way) and very good value for money.

Chorus - Jam Pedals Waterfall. This one is a versatile and doesn't contaminate your tone like some of the older chorus pedals do.
I also quite like the sound of the Malekko Chorus and Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus.

Wah Pedals - I haven't got a clue. I'll just be suggesting things from the websites as I don't really use wah wahs.

Same goes for Phaser.

Fuzz pedal - There are so many types that you're going to have to be more specific.

Same. There are loads of overdrive pedals.
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