Hey folks!

New recording, "Angel In The Queue" is now uploaded on my profile page. Everything recorded via Samplitude and a quite cheap mixer, drums via ezdrummer. Ended up sounding quite similar to any Editors or Interpol stuff.

If you like it, there's more of us on myspace: www.myspace.com/thesleeptwitch

I'd love to give you comments back. G'day
I really liked your chord progressions. Nice consistent feel to the song. The overall mix was nice. I felt that when the vocalist went low, it sounded strained, but other than that nice track.

My stuff:

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hey thanks for critting mine
i like it dude.
your voice sounds pretty 80s, but its cool
very catchy song, the chorus reminds me a bit of the strokes. and it has a nice rhythm
its very angelic sounding :P
but seriously i dig it
Whoa! I am really digging this man, the quality all sounds pretty damn amazing. The music all sounds really good, the vocals sound cool, kinda reminds me of joy division a little. This is definitely a cool track. All the tones definitely sounds great, maybe, just maybe, you could turn up the music a little bit. I couldn't tell if there was bass on the track, I got cheap ass computer speakers. But still, I really liked this. Catchy, simple, sweet. Great Job.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Really nice tones! Very natural and relaxed. A pleasure to listen to!
All of the instruments are very well written, and the parts all flow together very well. There's nice development in the parts which keeps me interested. The drum track's simple but it works very well with the track.
The only thing im not sure on is the vocals, I just dont think the tone fits in so well with the rest of the mix. I'm not really how you could change that. Maybe add a bit of chorus and reverb i dunno.

I really like the song as it approaches the end, the soloey bit is nice. It fits in perfectly.

It's a pretty catchy track =] nice job!

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Hey, its me, the John Mayer looping guy, lol.

I checked out your myspace page. You guys sound really mature, like you really know what youre doing. Is that you singing? My only beef is that behind your back is extremely distorted. You need to back way down on the preamp. What do you guys use to record?
Dude I couldn't find Angel In The Queue, so I'll critique Behind Your Back. May I start just by saying...HOLY F U C K!!!!! I don't have to tell you how good this is. This is soooo catchy, the vocals are incredible!!!!! Dude I don't wanna sound stupid but I love this song. Is there anywhere to download this? The overall instrumentation is top-class and the singing is too, the vocal melodies. Very very very well done. I'll keep my eye out for you.

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