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I was just learning one of my favourite songs (History by Funeral for a Friend) and wondered why I haven't actually got round to learning it before as it's a really simple song to play. What's your favourite song and can you play it?
I haven't took the time to learn my favourite song completely (Don't look back in anger), I've just looked at the chords utilized in the song.
For me its most likely shadow on the sun by audioslave. i know the verse, chorus and bridge its just that the solo has some tom morello wizardry going on and i have no idea how he does it (doesnt help that he never played the album solo live either...)
Yes, I can play Leather and Lace.
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Yeah I can play Brighter by Paramore. Wish I had a decent tone though.
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I'm not sure what my favorite song is at the moment, although I could probably play it on any instrument you threw at me. (Although I wouldn't recommend literally throwing it since I'm not good at catching.)
yes learnt it a week ago =)
Fade to Black - Metallica
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My all time favourite is probably Iron Maiden's Powerslave. I can play it, but I don't very often because even though it's easy to play the notes, to make it sound as good as the record is almost impossible.
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Hourglass - Lamb of God. I love playing that song and once I got it down, I will usually play through it a few times to get warmed up. It's almost always the first song I play with I pick up my guitar.

On the rare occasion I don't immediately start playing Hourglass, I'll play 11th Hour.

I like (and have learned) a lot of technically challenging music, which has helped me become a technically skilled guitarist, but my FAVORITE music tends to not be as technically difficult, relying more on melody and arrangement than speed and technicality.
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I don't really have a favorite song but if I did I would not be able to play it.
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I have a bunch of favorites, but i'll just go with Moonshield by In Flames
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No. Not through lack of trying though.
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Colony Of Birchmen. Yes I can play it.

If, however, the guitar is tuned in D standard, dropped D to A when I pick it up, I'll play Iron Tusk.
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Yeah, I can. The Jonas Brothers isn't all that hard to learn.

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I haven't taken the time to learn it, so no.
At the moment it's pretty much Bad Seed by Metallica BTW.
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YES! Lucky for my my favorite song is Come As You Are.
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My favorite song is Drowning Witch by Frank Zappa, and even though it took me forever to transcribe, I can play all of it.
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Castles made of sand.. Learned it about a month ago, epic stuff.
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My favorite song changes a lot, but I always make it a point to learn it. If I like it that much, I might as well learn how to play it, there might be something new to learn from it.
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I can barely play guitar really; I am a bassist. In addiiton, I don't have a particular favorite song.
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Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37 by AFI
And yes I can play it
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I don't even know what my favorite song would be...
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Being a huge fan of The Clash, I can play most any of their songs. I'd have to say Complete Control is my favorite song, so much fun to play. Joe Strummer may not have been the flashiest guitarist, but he knew how to send a message.
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no i can't play brighton rock by queen
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Creeping Death - Metallica

I can play everything except the solo!

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Choosing a 'favourite song' is probably a bit too difficult, but if I was forced I'd say Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah, in which case I'd have to say yes.
A Change of Seasons.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I cannot play that, not even close. Though my inability to play guitar at all doesn't help
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I don't really have a favorite song but one's I love playing alot:

Incubus - "Summer Romance"
RHCP - "Save the Population"
Nirvana - "Lounge Act"
Pink Floyd - "The Happiest Days of Our Lives"
Mars Volta - "Asilos Magdalena"
At the Drive-In - "Heliotrope"

Other favorite songs I'd like to learn:
Smashing Pumpkins - "A Stitch in Time"
Jeff Buckley - "Lover, You Should've Come Over"
My favorite song that I can play- Keine Lust-Rammstein

My favorite song that I can't play- Blooddrunk-Children of Bodom
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I can play rhythm to every Metallica song, not sure which is my favorite, so yes.
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