It's not.

The strap is a DSL GEG-25-17-3, made in Australlia.



The padding misses my shoulder, kind of rests just behind the point where all the weight is against, and there is no way to alter the distance between the front of the strap and the padding.


The strap only has 3 length settings and it is too low down at its middle setting. If I go on the short setting, problem 1 is still there, and i have a massive piece of leather dangling from my guitar.

I don't know how big you aussies are, but us Brits aren't all 6ft 6.

Anyone know how to shorten a strap like this?
Get another strap?
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cut a hole in the strap at a better spot, like you would a leather belt that's too large.

be sure the reinforce the hole or use a strap lock button.

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get ur thinkin cap on an go to work. cut a hole, put a strap lock on it, and cut the rest of the strap.

OT: i have a really nice strap that my mom got me for xmas. its like a nylon one with a really fat, dr. scholls (w.e. that shit is called) style padding. i dont think i would ever buy anything else. i hate leather straps...they just pinch away at my shoulders