Hi UG!
Do you got any everydayexercises for guitarplayers? I know its good to play chromatic exercises but i want to learn some other good exercises also.

Look for Lessons and Columns here on UG that deal with practicing.
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You should focus on exercises that pertain to a real life situation. Chromatic scales aren't used very much, therefore doing chromatic exercises is kinda pointless.

The best ones I have found are to do with any scale (any mode / position / root). Play it in four note groups. So if we are in say G (because everyone uses C as an example). You would play (on the guitar in your shape) G A B C A B C D B C D E etc. When you hit the top go back down (root position G scale, 2nd finger root, high note is A) like this: A G F E G F E D F E D C etc. Keep it in time!! Do it with a metronome otherwise it's pointless.

Find variations on that. If you want you can do it in 3's, 5's, 6's etc. The larger the interval the more of a challenge it is. Work your way up to higher tempos and you'll notice speed and accuracy gains very quickly, along with a better knowledge of all the positions.

One more is using the circle of 4ths (or 5ths). Start at first fret (F) and play an F major scale (F G A Bb C D E F). Play it up and back down. Now, without moving positions, play a Bb major scale (Bb C D Eb F G A Bb). Up and back down. Next, play an Eb major scale etc. Move around the whole circle of 4ths (or 5ths). Once you complete the flats you will need to move up a fret to start on the sharps side (do all of these). Move your way up the neck, using a metronome, and consciously thinking about what key you're in and what flats (or sharps) you are playing, don't let it become mechanical, EVER!

I'm sure people here will point out many, but that's just the one that I like the best. Hope it helps!
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