I have around $900 to spend on an amp and the blackstar gr-5 ministack seems great it has everything I need and its gotten good reviews just wondering what u guys think.

I play mostly soft rock, metal, neoclassical for example Joe satriani, dream theater, kamelot, van hale, etc...

Keep on mind I just need a good amp to jam with in my bedroom no gigging or ne thing and it has to be tube/valve.

When it comes to amps I suck thanks for all ur help!!
yeah, im in the same situation as you are(though my bugdet is 500-550usd), and i've narrowed it down to the blackstar(the combo) and jet city 20h with some 112 cab. you could also try the blackheart bh15h, though i didnt like it much.
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for that much money, why not get the Blackstar HT-5 head and an awsome cab?
i have the combo, but im sure for that much money you can get much better speakers/cab

edit: btw, the blackstar is pretty awsome, try a few amps out!
you could get a tremoverb combo for 900 bucks.
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Not looking to spend it all but would the blackstar head and a good cab be a better alternative to the ministack also its just me alone jamming no drummer
Fender Super Champ XD is just as good for $300. And you can add a cab if the 10" speaker doesn't do it for you.
My advice?

Don't get the HT-5.

If you must have a tube amp, there are lots of quiet ones like the Blackheart Killer Ant.

You could also consider going with a good modeler or small, clean tube amp with pedals.
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How much volume can you really get away with? Do you need an amp that is easy to get good sounds from at TV volumes and won’t make the neighbors mad? That’s not the HT-5? Or are you looking for something to blast in your single-family home when your mother is out running around instead of staying home and teaching you how to spell monosyllabic words such as “any”?