im trying to figure out how to play awaken, thunderhorse, murmaider, and go into the water, but it doesnt sound right, im pretty sure im playing it correctly but i dont know wht tuning brendon small uses, does he use standard (EADGBE), drop d (DADGBE), drop c (CGCFAD), or c standard (DGCFAD)?
pretty sure they use C Standard.

btw C Std. is a low enough tuning that, unless your guitar has .12's or .13's on it, it will need to be setup and inotated for that tuning. C is very low, and thinner string gauges will become too slack.
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just to let you know DGCFAD is D standard not C standard

really? my tuner says tht its c standard, but ill take ur opinion over tht piece of crap