Here's the deal. I have no idea what to do for my next project (and last project for a while.) I think I would like to incorporate different woods into this one like I did with my SG, but I'm not even sure of that. So, if everyone could throw around some idea's it would be very helpful. Oh yea, i should probably mention that I have to be able to sell it so I'm not going to be doing anything that would make it unsellable.

i'd like to see a thinline style tele, with an f hole at the side. i think it would make a great project and would look pretty sick too.
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Please use Wenge in it! Perhaps a Hollow-Body? Maybe something like the PRS Semi-Hollow

Hmmm... stain it Purple with a birdseye maple top. Alder body, painted black.

Wenge Fretboard, Golden inlays... maybe something swirly, but not a vine. Gold hardware with a TOM and Stopbar. Or no inlays, maybe something in MOP at the 12, but with gold frets.

For the Neck, a Mahog/Maple/Mahog, Set in neck.


alright I'm leaning towards the thinline tele. I've never made one before and I love teles. Now I need ideas for an f hole cutout. I dont want to go standard f-hole. I want it to be in the shape of something. I also need ideas for hardware, inlays etc. I want it to follow some sort of theme.

Edit: Also, their is something about the curly spanish cedar that makes me want to just keep building curly spanish cedar guitars. I may want to make it curly spanish cedar.
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how about the shape of an eagle or something for the cutout? birds look sick! and how about just a wrap-around tail like on the prs se kornina singlecut? something simple and effective. as for fretboard, how about your name in MOP letters?
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No ideas for an f-hole as of yet... Any ideas on the color/finish? How about the neck?


what are some of your favorite symbols?

you can turn just about anything into a soundhole design
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Do a Bamboo top. I've always wanted to do that before.
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make the f-hole a music note, or a bass or treble cleff or something of that nature. would look awesome.