Anybody know any reputable online shops that sell OFFICIAL band t shirts? I want to help support the artists I love by purchasing their authorised gear, and want to avoid crap knockoff t shirts.

Where do you guys buy from, where you have been genuinely happy with product quality, and know that the shirts are legitimate?

Suggestions of shops in the UK preferred

I search bar'd, so apologies if there is already a thread.

Probably only from their gigs, and ordered straight from their site.
Im not sure if they make any money from merch sold at shops and whatnot.
...In my opinion.
You could support the guy on your local market by buying his knock off ones, he almost definitely has less money.
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If you're into hardcore/metalcore/deathcore Imperial Clothing is your best bet. Mailorder company stationed in Germany.
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rockabillia.com has loads of stuff, all official. i dont know that the band profits from the site tho.
personally I hate the tought of buying a bandshirt anywhere else then on a gig just after you've seen them!

just go to local gigs and buy shirts of the bands you like, if its a small band you can even have a chat with one of the band members while another plows trough their carboard box to find a small in between all those xxl shirts

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backstreet merch is pretty good, though can sometimes take a while to deliver

depending on the kind of band also can get some off play.com
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Yeah band website is always the best, I get all my DT shirts from fanfire which is their distributor. If not then star500.com is ok.
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http://www.bandstores.co.uk/stores.php have official stores for quite a few bands, although they charge £2.50+£1 per extra item for delivery to mainland UK and some of their prices are horrendous tbh.
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