so ive been playing a couple years and never had lesson with a teacher or anything. So ive been learning some of the basics that i skipped when i started playing and i watched some videos on how to hold your pick. Ive always held my pick with my thumb and middle finger most of the time and when im doing tremelo picking or fast alternate picking i use my index finger to hold it in place better. But the videos ive watched say to start holding your pick different, and one even said that it wasnt normal to hold your pick the way i do. Should i learn the correct way or just keep doing it the way im doing it? If i start forcing myself to learn that way ill pretty much suck and have to start all over again
If what you are doing is working for you and you have no issues with the way you're doing then do NOT change your style. To do so now might set you back especially if what you're doing is working. As I have said before -- everyone plays guitar differently from picking, fingering and strumming and even though something might be technically incorrect if it is working with no other problems then keep it. It is part of your unique style. No point in changing anything unless your style is causing problems with you progressing toward being the best player you can be.

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