Me and and my best friend have been jamming a lot lately. We both play acoustic guitar and play folk-ish acoustic rock and I really enjoy playing with him but he seems to have an issue with timing. Most of the time, songs we play start at one tempo and by the end we're flying through it. So UG, how do you remedy a rushing guitarist?
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Oh my god lol. I feel so stupid right now for not even thinking about a metronome. Thanks guys!
Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.
Drum machine. Just get a Boss drum machine with a memory bank of drum loops. That was the best thing that helped me get my rhythm down. A cheap drum machine has got to sound more fun than a metronome. Plus the drum machine is helpful for practicing triplets over 8th note drum beats.
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Oh yeah.

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Also make sure you have perfect time. If he's speeding up but you're staying at the same tempo then he'll probably notice and slow down. If you follow him with the tempo then you'll both just keep speeding up