I installed some GFS pickups yesterday. Crunchy Rails bridge, and Fat Pat Neck. I love them. Pinch harmonics are super easy now! I had a GFS VEH bridge before, and the stock Agile 2800 passive. It's soo much better now. We also replaced the crap capacitors (.050 ceramic! wtf?) with orange drop .022 caps. I'm probably going to something even smaller for the neck to even it up a little. it's pretty bassy right now, but very nice sounding when clean.

I'm very impressed and I'm going to post a review now.


I recorded this a few days ago (old setup):


WARNING: not really playing anything, just fiddling around, and I'm NOT very good so expect crap. I'm very much a beginner!
Agile 2800 Baritone (Crunchy Rail bridge/Fat Pat Neck) or Douglas WRL 590 -> MXR Super Comp -> -> MXR M108 EQ -> Peavey 5150 212 (Eminence Redcoat Gov) or Bugera V5
Commented on your video.
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