Hello there,

Because i'm in dire need of a decent guitar (i've been playing cheap copies my entire life), i've decided to build one so that I don't have to throw any bits away, which is also why i haven't bought a diyguitarshop kit.

So far i've only got tuners. But i'm planning on getting a diyguitarshop maple tele neck, but i'm on the lookout for a body at the moment.

If I don't get the one i'm watching on ebay... Which i doubt because people seem to be going crazy at the moment and i've bid on about 4 different ones and lost, does anyone have any ideas as to what i can buy that's made of a decent wood?

By that i mean i've seen in threads on here that there are squier bodies that are made of ash/alder and maybe I could get hold of one of those? I just need to know which models are ones with decent bodies.

Anyway, heres a picture to wet your appetite, they're sperzel usa locking tuners. Got 'em on ebay used for £25, which is a nice improvement on the £60 they are new.

They where 3-a-side when i got them but the great thing is that they're reversible so they're 6-in-a-row now, and will go on a tele neck fine.

Anyway, crap picture:

I'll update this as i go

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Hey, could you explain how they are reversible? I;m curious.
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This video should explain it all, if i hadn't found that video i wouldn't have ended up buying the tuners
Ok I literally just bought a body for this, its made of ash.

So no need for info on other bodies and such, as i never expected to get this,

I won it for £26 and the postage is £10, so i dont think i've done too badly.
Body arrived, came with the chrome control plate and a brand new input jack too.

Neck pocket shows its nice solid wood

Weighs a tonne too. You can see paint level change if you put it in direct sunlight, which doesnt worry me, but what it does show is that this is a 4 piece body.

Next - neck!
I dont know how much that is in the US$, but it's a little on the higher side, but at least it's not cheap parts.
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Yeah well i looked a fender bits seperately and just the 3 position switch was a tenner (like $15 - $20) So im not sure if thats worth it or not.

Cheers for the input though.
Ok just realised that the holes that the bridge should screw into arent correct.

There appears to be three of them, where there should be four. Anyone any idea what would have been fitted before?
Hmm, that's wierd that heres 3 screws in the back. I say invest in a drill and some bits.
Tele's just aren't the same without the bridge.
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Got a drill and everything so that should be ok, the seller thought it was a modern mexi bridge fitted before but i dont see how it could have been possible.
Right, I've just had a usa switchcraft jack delivered...

Parts still to get:
DIY Guitar Shop neck
Wilkinson bridge
Black pickguard
Irongear pickups (until i can afford some rockmonkey ones)
Oak grigsby switch
Bourns push-pull pots (for phase switching)
Cloth pushback wire
Shielding tape
And other small things such as string trees, ferrules, locking strap buttons etc.

I can understand most people probably arent interested because there isnt constant progress, but im doing things as i can afford to.

Just done one of these guitar design things, i wanted to do one in the first place but didnt know the website, but a bit of searching today turned the site up.

Heres the plan:

And one day when i feel like it i'd like to change the colour to this.

Before you do any finishing, assemble the bits and parts to make sure everything fits, then plug and play.

This will allow you to perform any tweaks (to get the parts to fit nice and tight and square) without having to worry about damaging the finish.

That'll be a nice beast once tweaked and assembled! What PUs are you using? BTW, I'd go with a Trans Amber with Ash or Blonde.

Good Luck!

Cheers for the heads up man.

As for pickups, i was originally gunna use an irongear steel foundry set, but then i decided that it would cooler to use irongear steel twins...


I was gunna wire them up as single coils and wire the humbucker bit up on a push pull. That way when im in need of some extra oomph i can switch to humbucker mode and nobody will have any idea they're humbuckers unless i tell them. I like the idea of stealth.
That program you used is called Kisakae, maybe spelled different though.

You shoulda got a stereo Jack. For teles they are awesome, because to pull your patch cord out of a stereo jack, is harder than pulling it out of a mono. Every new guitar I'm building, I've decided to use stereo all the way. It also allows the future use of didtortion mods, or EMGs. Stuff like that.
/rant over

Blonde teles are the best.
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Yeah i know what the thingy is called now, found it with a search on here.

I didnt get a stereo jack because i assumed they where for active pickups which i didnt plan to fit.
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Yeah i know what the thingy is called now, found it with a search on here.

I didnt get a stereo jack because i assumed they where for active pickups which i didnt plan to fit.

Nah, they have plenty of uses in guitars.
I prefer them 'cause they hold the patch cable in better.
..I was watching my death.
Well if i find the cable comes of often, i'll change it. For now, it should be alright.