Hey guys, this is my brother, he's a vocalist (screamer) , in a band and he recently put
up a new recording of the first verse of his bands song. If you wouldn't mind, could you please check it out and comment. Don't leave retarded comments (EG, you suck! ****** scene kid or anything else) just try and leave constructive critisism.

no its not me its my bro im 14 and listen to 6 feet under n cannibal corpse. Do you think its any good?
its at least a growling style, its like a middle ground between a black dahlia scream and a death growl, but its not that good when you do them with out a back track. maybe if you sing to a song and upload it then people can give a good judge, its hard to judge scream vocals without the music to back it.
one reason is because its almost impossible to tell if he can hold out throughout the entirety of the song, and being that you just started screaming, unless he is can use his diaphragm right to control his voice and learned how to do scream vocals right, he wont be able to without hurting himself.
so on a whole maybe like a 2.5/5 because its not that bad of a growl, it is not however a scream, in my opinion at least. its closer to a growl than it is a scream it stilll has a bit of scream in it though. its hard to describe but i can hear it
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well he's got a few vids of him covering job for a cowboy and suicide silewnce on here so ill get him to upload them. so you dont think he can scream? but isnt like a growl a scream?