Hey guys, I just got my EHX Holy Grail yesterday and it was working great. Today I played it again for about half an hour. Then, about an hour after that, I come back and turn everything on and the pedal doesn't work. I can hear my guitar when the pedal is bypassed but when I stomp it the light doesn't come on and theres no sound. What could've caused this?
I'm using the power supply. you can't use a 9v with the holy grail. I've already unplugged and plugged it back in and tried different outlets. I got it off ebay, so I just messaged the guy I bought it from. How does it just randomly stop working? I barely played it...

Maybe something broke inside. Open it up and see? That is, if you know anything about pedals and whatnot

Also didn't know anything about this pedal so I apologize for asking about a 9V.
No idea mate, open it up see if theres any lose wires or anything obvious, check the fuse in the power supply, try get another power supply for it.

But since its through eBay you should have no trouble getting your money back for it.
I'm not very good with electronics and I would have no idea what I was looking for or how to fix it. Its in my effects loop with no power supply connected and I can still play without it. Then when I stomp it with no power supply or with the power connected it just mutes everything.
I just opened it up and looked at it. Although I don't know anything about pedals and how they work, there are no loose wires and everything seems to be connected securely. I looked at where the power supply plugs in and everything there seems to be fine as well. Could it be the power supply?
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yea i know. Looks like i'm gonna have to send it back and forfeit shipping costs both ways. greattttttttttt
make sure you dont have the wrong cables in input/output. Ive done that before and been like, "CRAP ITS BROKEN!" only to find out the cables were backwards. Check that B4 you ship it back
yea i've checked. I definitely have them the right way. even if I didn't, the light should still come on when engaged