Lead Guitarist and Bassist both looking for drummer and vocalist/rhythm guitarist. We have a wide variety of influences ranging from The Ramones to Metallica to Nirvana to even Daft Punk but have mostly settled on a sound that borders between Hard Rock/Alternative. If you're a songwriter then you can consider that a plus but it's not a necessary skill needed for the job.

We are both in the 18-20yr old range but are fine with playing with people up to 24-25ish, not to mention that we are both seriously committed to getting this band rolling. (A trait you don't see in many young musicians) We aren't in this for the fame, we aren't in it for the fortune, we are in it to get our music out there and help push heavy music back to a more mainstream audience; and we both understand the trials and tribulations that will come along with starting this journey.

If possible for you to send audio files of your work that's great, but if you can't we'll still look forward to auditioning you.

Please contact Aznst1ng7@aol.com or call 847-644-1883 for more info.
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