So im switching the humbucker on my Fender US stratocaster HSS for a Seymour duncan sh-15 Alternative 8

I just wanna know if : should i take the humbucker or the trembucker ??? is it the same thing ??? i heard its in the spacing .

I have a tremolo on the bridge of my strat . . im talking about the spacing .

Thx .
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I think (meaning if there's another answerer follow him) that if you have a floating tremelo bridge (not like the ones on strats) then you get a trembucker because of spacing but for a strat just get the normal humbucker
Go for the humbucker. Both will work, it's not like humbuckers only work with fixed bridge guitars or guitars with vibratos will only accept F-spaced pickups. In fact early Strat fixed bridge guitars had a much wider string spacing than modern Strats with vibratos. Manufacturers claim that having misaligned poles will effect the tone, but I've yet to hear any difference. On a humbucker the main magnet is a large bar at the bottom anyway and the rods/screws are there to extend the magnetic field - but it still covers the entire length of the pickup. So for me, I can't hear a difference and there's sod-all difference in theory too.

The reason I say go for the humbucker version is they're usually a bit easier to get hold of (sometimes cheaper too) but mostly because Seymour Duncan trembuckers are an odd size. Other companies make sure their F-spaced pickups are the same overall size as a normal humbucker, they just move the pole pieces and screws slightly farther apart. Seymour Duncan don't, they make the whole pickup longer and thinner. This means that the normal humbucker space in a pickguard won't take them without modification and regular mounting rings won't accept them either. SD trembucker pickups come with a flat, satin black mounting ring that is the right size of them, but this still won't fit the existing holes - if your guitar has a mounting ring you will need to fill in the old screw holes and drill some new ones. Pickguards will have to be re-cut.

Basically: everyone needs to stay away from SD trembuckers unless their guitar already came made for SD trembuckers. If you inist on having an f-spaced pickup, do not use Seymour Duncan.
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ok thx ... thats what i thought ... that i should get the humbucker .
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- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
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