jus curious to see how much everyone practices i try to get an hour a day but latly i've been busy
During School year (I'm 13) (Yes I'm allowed to be on the forums) maybe like an 45 mins. a day. During school year preparing for a show about an hour a day. During summer like 2.5 hours a day. During summer preparing for a gig like 3 hours a day.

EDIT: Most of this time is spent learning songs by ear and teaching my bandmates. Not like straight practicing (except when preparing for a gig (cover band) and I can play along with the recordings until it's UBER perfect
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I make a distinction between practicing, rehearsing and performing. I spend maybe an average of a half hour a day practicing. But I spend large amounts of time performing - maybe an average of 10-15 hours per week. Rehearsals, it all depends on what groups I'm playing with but I try to keep them to a minimum unless someone wants to pay me.

What you will find is that time spent "practicing" by your self doesn't really pay off all that much - just get to a basic point where you can play what you need to play, and then get out and do it.

Now just wait for the first kid to come in and claim he practices 96 hours a day and 114 on weekends
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