I was drinking w/ my friend Christina.
Long story short she was having a bad day so we went out for a 12 pack and a few bowls of hash (I'm an awesome friend)

Long story short, at one point in the evening I guess she got a little frisky or something (I guess she was taken over by the animalistic lust I cause in women sometimes *see profile pic for proof*)
to make the longer story even shorter she jumped on my lap, pulled off her pants and put my hands on her boobs.

NOW, before I go any further I must mention her and I had a sexual relationship before but we kinda just grew outta it (I don't know why, but shit happens right)

needless to say it was awkward. I pushed her off (because well we were both under the influence and to be honest I do value her friendship...gay I know?)

so I took her home last night and I pretty much told her dude we seriously can't talk for a while shit's too confusing right now


I'm honestly confused...I value her as a person, not as a sex object (despite earlier misgivings) and well...this has clearly thrown a wrench in the entire friendship thing.

I just got outta a really long term relationship and am NOT game to be screwing around or even starting a relationship again...but I don't know what she even wants, I'm dreading seeing her again for obvious reasons

Pit: What do?

honestly has this happened to anyone here???

Tl;dr: friend tries to jump my bones and I pushed her off now shit's weird
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relationship thread


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relationship thread thaaaaaaaaaat way
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