A whole $2.00? 200 pennies? 2% of $100? Let me see if I can get it. I really need $2. 2 more dollars and I can finally get that Lamborghini.
Thanks for the help KG6. I'm not religious but you should count your blessings once in a while and be thankful for what you have instead of ragging on others for what they don't.
lol, yeah funny sh!t for sure. I made 2 bucks reading this thread. Thats like giving a penny for a tip. People might help, but whos actually going to do it soley for the monetary gain.

Now, in this kids defence, maybe he/ she is from a poor country and 2 bucks could be equivilant to a weeks pay. My indo buddy got a phone case for me and it cost him 15,000 rupia, which amounts to about 2 bucks here.

anyway, people will help if they want to help. Thats what the forum is designed for, but offering insultingly small amounts of payment and expecting reams of people line up for it is a little disillusioned. Just ask. no ones here to make their fortunes.
intro and verse..


C Am F G (repeat)

and no, I don't want your money...
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Really people? I mean you were going to spend the amount of time it takes to tab the song, browsing the forum for no money at all, now you get to help someone and make a few bucks. I cannot believe how douchey some of you are.

I watch people take 20-25 minute online surveys for .50 cents without complaint, but this is insulting? It's $2.00 you didn't have before.
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How Much $ to Tab Some Like it Hot by the Power Station . I want that guitar solo . I will pay fair for it !!