It's not an amazing deal really, this is a 30yr MIJ strat going at a similar price to a brand new MiM one. That's nothing special.

EDIT: you're in Oz - saw the price and assumed USD, how much would a new strat set you back in oz?
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I'm no Strat expert but 500$ does seem a bit expensive, especially if it has dings and scratches. You find that same guitar cheaper for sure.
And about being real, you wont know until you get it, people can lie - then your done for especially with an online sale. No way the guy gives you a refund, He'll disappear.

Id contact the seller- say your serious about buying it but that you want some closer pictures. Get him to take some good close up pics of the body so you can see the scratches and dings better - also get him to take a picture of where the serial number SHOULD be, that way you can see if its been scratched out or something.

I'd also ask him if he currently uses the guitar, maybe its been sitting around for 10 years and a pickup is dead or the wiring is shoddy.

Good luck man
that works out to about $435 CAD ($425 for you americans), so its no screaming deal. that being said, it seems to be a fairly nice guitar for the money (hardcase, regardless of age, is always nice) and it definately looks legit
For that price, and that year of MIJ strat? You'd be bonkers not to pick it up. But that's just IMO. Ive loved EVERY 80s MIJ strat ive ever laid my big gorilla hands on.
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From what I've seen $500 in AU is a real fair price. I would take a MIJ over a MIM first. It may be preference but I feel the MIJ are better.
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this is an idea of the prices you get here in aust.....-

i really like the look of it, im not usually big on strats either.

wow, so canada isnt the only country getting raped with jacked prices relative to exchange rates...

in that case, it is a brilliant deal. vintage strat (i think that the 80's are "vintage" instead of "old" by now) for half the price of a new mim strat? thats an easy thumbs up