So i've decided to go with a kit for my first build cuz i dont wanna spend a lot of money and screw it up for my first time. SO, i've heard Carvin is good for custom stuff and ive heard decent things about the GFS kits (not the pups and electronics) especially them being cheap
so my question is: is it worth it to go the extra $150+ for the carvin kit (which is a plain ol superstrat shape) or the GFS ones which obviously arent as good, but re cheaper and have more shape options. i dont know, im stuck hahaha, so i want your guys opinions. THANKS!
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Carvin, definitely.
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Carvin, definitely.

Oh, definitely. I have a GFS kit and I kind of regret getting it. The RW fretboard is really shitty and the frets are the nasty kind you find on really low end guitars-like, sub $100 guitars.
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Carvin. You wont have to replace the hardware, unlike the gfs kits. Top quality stuff.
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