I'm looking for a decent distortion pedal, no boss shit, or line 6. Just put names of distortion pedals I should try out.
seymour duncan twin tube mayhem, a little expensive but worth it
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What tone are you after?
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death by audio super sonic fuzz gun
death by audio fuzz war
devi ever
earthquaker devices
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
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What tone are you after?

This and what's your budget?
What tone are you after?

Looking for something with brutal amount of bass and treble. Yet the highs have to be screaming, Something with versatility and Distortion that is crunchy yet doesn't have the mud.
what's your budget?

$100-$175 I get discounts where I work so anything thats $200 I can get for $175 there
I second that.
Also, boss isn't shit

Boss isn't shit they have awesome noise suppression and delays. But, I got a MT-2 metalcore pedal, and the distortion isn't working out for me.
Send your MT-2 in to Keeley!
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Send your MT-2 in to Keeley!

This, or Monte Allums, or any one of the other guys that do MT-2 mods. They'll make it awesome.
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