well ive always wanted to customize my own guitar, and i think im going to over this coming summer.

im gonna mod the shit out of my Epiphone sg special (which is my first guitar)

my priorities list are as follows:

1.Changing the Tuners (something locking preferably)\
2.Changing the Pick-ups (im thing either EMGs or SD Blackouts)
3.Sanding down the neck completely (i like the feeling)
4. Replacing the pots with with 500k's
5. New Input Jack
by the end of this im hoping to have an entirely different guitar.

im open to suggestions on the pickups and tuners (im not sure what i should use) i play aggressive metal mostly as a rhythm player, so im constantly playing crunchy grinding chords and breakdowns. any other ideas?

also what do i need to know about changing the pots, i want 500k's as they seem to have more versatility, but where can i get them and what kind should i get
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New nut
New bridge
New pots, jack, etc (although you should be doing this if you are switching out pickups)
Re finish it


oh yeah and if you haven't already done so, crown and level those frets yo!
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this process is gonna be slow over time, im gonna start with the pups, going ACTIVE BABY, i think im gonna use Zakk Wylds set i believe its the 80/85s? then im gonna follow that with new tuners, this thing is gonna be a monster when im done, i may sand the neck also, idk