I just got a stagemaster pedalcase 32 x 16, and my ernie ball volume #6166 will not fit snug , so im wondering if its ok to squish it by closing it.

The case came with 3 pieces of foam. 2 pieces are straight 1cm thick black foam and the other side is the eggcarton style foam. I took 1 of the pieces of the straight black foam out and its squishing the pedal when i close it

Do you think this is fine? im not so sure.. just want a piece of mind.

Btw. the weeping demon i have is even taller than the volume pedal.


Larrivée D-03R
US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15
I have piled all sorts of crap into my pedalboard ( power adapters/power strips, etc..) and I'v had to sit on the lid to get it to close so i can close the latches. All my stuff still works!!
the thing is.. it looks like the pedalboard itself is forcing itself to close so its sort of.. stretching/hurting the wood if you know what i mean..

so i either have to get a different wah pedal and volume pedal or get a different pedalboard case
Larrivée D-03R
US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15