It's an archtop made by Worland Guitars. Here's how they describe it:
As a flat top guitar builder I decided to set out to build an archtop guitar that is a hybrid archtop/flat top. Taking some styling cues from the old jazz guitars of the 30's and 40's I came up with a retro design that incorporates both new technology and retro styling.

The archtop incorporates a flat Sitka spruce top that is formed into an arch with internal bracing. An oval sound hole helps to open up the sound.

An adjustable ebony bridge and a chrome trapeze tailpiece are typical of vintage archtops.

The sound is more open and mellow than a typical carved archtop guitar although not as bright and percussive.

Never heard of them before, but it looks quite interesting. If you're wondering, I just Googled "archtop pickguard" and it came up on the first page -- what do you bet they borrowed the skyscraper shape from John D'Angelico?
Thanks i was looking for that,
I might go for a vacation in Philippines
So I might go and find a luthier in Philippines to make me one like that made with bamboo

But i want it more to be closer to accoustic,