I just want to know which amp is best for my style of metal playing. My limit is $500. I play Metallica, Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom, Nevermore, and Trivium
Willing to go used?
Where are you?
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You seem like quite the gentleman, I must say.

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not relaly jazz fusion.. let alone do i even know what jazz fusion is.. but learn sharp dressed man by zz top
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Willing to go used?
Where are you?

I'm from New Jersey
I can only buy in-store
Well at the shop where i take guitar lessons, there is a Marshall MG100DFX for $375. Thoughts about the amp? is it worth it?
No. MG's are bad amps, and the 100 is just a big practice amp. You can do a lot better with your budget.
i got my bugera 6262 212 for $500 new at guitar center.

it would nail all those tones.

I say a new bugera, or used 5150/6505
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