I turned 14 on the 5th of June.. As a gift I asked for an electric guitar.. Never played one before and I got interested in them
So I bought a Beginners guitars.. A Jay Turser 300.. The guy at the store trew in a gigbag, amp, cable, 3 picks, tools, tremolo arm, strap and a tuner
Okay so being the "explorer aka. I always **** new stuff up" I tried tunning it.. Ended up breaking the Low and High E strings..
Then I messed with the saddles xD go figure there I was with a buzzy as hell guitar..
So I got my smarty pants on and today I messed with the truss rod not only fixing the buzz but then noticed I had to re-do everything because the saddles where too high and action was low.. Doesn't matter did all of that
Now my friend is gonna restring my guitar and everything will be alrighty!!

You guys post your crazy storied if you got any any

- Greg
You're lucky you didn't **** up the guitar any worse than you did, you can do serious damage to a guitar with a truss rod adjustment.
Breaking stereotypes by playing indie on a metal guitar.

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Yeah I know.. I did all my research before actually messing with it
Wow, you could have messed up the guitar pretty badly. Why didn't you tighten the truss rod until the neck snapped?

I have no crazy stories... I generally treat my gear as well as I possibly can.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Friend of mine put stickers over the pickups on his strat, then was confused with why his tone was muddy..
i put together my first guitar myself.
i bought all used components. body, neck, pickups, bridge, etc.
put everything together, tweaked, upgraded, tweaked, etc.
everything was really cheap, so i didn't feel as if i'd lose my mind if i messed up.
was a good experience.
Waw I'm not that dumb to adjust it without looking through tutorials first you know and I'm new too all of this so yeah.. But now I know what not to ever do again