Hey guys u might have seen some of this stuff posted on other forums, but i figured trying here wouldnt hurt either. Usa jackons kv2 king v transparent green with seymour duncan blackouts pups ,OFR super cool color i had to wait 6 months to get this color in this guitar. $1600 obo comes with jackson hard shell case i ibanez prestige RGT 220 mahogany i got this guitar around 3 years ago. super guitar neck through mahogany body wizard prestige neck one of ibanez best models. $800 obo comes with jcraft case. eventide eclipse processor. really amazing piece purchased at musicians friend about 1 year ago i bet its been hooked up 9 or 10 times, $1500 obo comes with manuals and power cord. ibanez sr706 6 string bass just 1 month old brand new for $670 not a scratch on this bass any where. roland gr20 synth with gk divied pup $625 1 month old. i will sell everybit of it for $4300 adding up what i want for this stuff not even what it costed is $5170 or i can sell individually just pm me or email tbegley87@yahoo.com just not interested in music anymore on top of a financial situation. thanks
i wanted to add this too . im in the USA will ship con. us. will not overseas or hawaii or alaska thanks
good luck ? why are u saying im pitching bad deals? i thought i was pretty damn cheap compared to what i paid for this stuff.
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i'm 99% sure there's an edit buttton :S

I hope to change this to 100% in a second...