I'm looking for a cheap ($100 or so?) audio interface that I can plug a mic into and record via USB easily. I'm not looking for any fancy mixing boards, just an interface that provides decent quality.
I've looked at these:
This one doesn't seem to be quality but I don't know anything

But this Shure one looks promising

Any ideas, or should I buy a microphone that has a USB output built in?
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So you have a mic with an XLR end and you are going to plug the XLR end into one of those "mic mates" which would then go to your computer via USB?

If so, don't bother. Just get an audio interface with an XLR input. It will be much more versatile down the road.

I recommend this one:

The quality on 99% of the XLR to USB mic converters are terrible. They are hard to use and the only thing that is worse than them is plugging the mic in directly.

Get the interface Dimebag above me suggested. You'll thank yourself later
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