One problem I keep having is my arpeggio sweeping... I just CANT MASTER IT yet. I will one day though... I'm getting there.

My problem is theres tons of sound ringing out. Some days I can sweep really clean and it sounds like Jeff Loomis, others (like tonight) I have ringing out on 90% of them. I find when I held my pick horizontally, I was able to somehow mute due to the way I held the palm of my hand.

Therefore I ask:
  • Should it be held perfectly parallel (straight to the string for less jargon)
  • can it be held on an angle
  • should *all* the sweeping AND other techniques (economy picking) be done horizontally?
  • Is horizontal wrong?
  • Do I need to learn better muting techniques?

Any input = greatly appreciated. Thanks
dude when i pick anything i angle the front of the pick downward just a couple of degrees and its alot more natural felling to pick that way,more or less in the middle of being diagonal and horizontal...
If both ways are comfortable and consistent, it just depends what kind of tone you want.
Oh yeah.

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A minor is the saddest of all keys.

EDIT: D minor is the saddest of all keys.
The reason I ask this question is I always see people like Micheal Angelo Batio and Jeff Loomis holding their sweeping in an awkward position that seems to simulate parallel picking.

Also, if you don't sweep pick... offering opinion on how to sweep is a bit hard don't you think (I'm not aiming this at any poster above, well maybe 'legallydead'... since that was a lackluster post)