Sounds great! The rhythm on the acoustic part sounded a little weird, but I know how the song goes so I could follow it with no trouble. It might be a bit difficult for someone who didn't know the original though. Overall sounds awesome, no criticisms here.

Care to check out my band?

Edit: The air drums were a very nice touch as well
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Thanks man! I am glad you liked it.

I really enjoyed your myspace music! The lyrics were so clever, and it was just overall enjoyable music to listen to! I think you guys should send that stuff out to indie labels and try and get signed for sure.

PS I would especially appreciate feedback on my guitar solo at the end of my video.
ohhh, you again, I like your music.

And the fact that you always seem to cover my favourite songs isnt too bad either
Well, rhythm was excellent, no question; i recognized some mayer-licks in the solo (well its always nice to recognize them ) but your own stuff wasn't too bad either man (: I wouldnt quite say perfect (well there is no "perfect" anyways"), my personal advice would be to try to play just a little more melodically (mayer, in my opinion, is a master at solo'ing in melodies, not just licks) rather than going from lick to lick; sounds pretty harsh now, but thats critique on highest level, my friend

I recently uploaded a new recording, you can crit it if you've got time to