A friend gave me this old Jackson he had, which he said was given to him by yet another friend. The thing is I have no idea what this model is, and right now it has a bad connection somewhere which means it intermittently sends a signal to the amp, meaning that the sound goes in and out.

I would mainly like to figure out what this one is called so that I can go to guitarcenter and ask them to help me with my problem and not look like a total mook, and if you can suggest how to fix the problem of the bad connection I would be grateful.

He also wrote his name on the guitar, so I wanted to know if I could take paint thinner or Goof-off to it without damaging the finish.

If I also have to have a review of this guitar, it would be that it sucks hard. No sound makes it a little difficult to play, and the lack of strings compounds the issue, now that I've taken the strings off.