Ok so after a few months of searching I think I have finally found the amp for me; however, now Im stuck between getting it as a combo or getting the head and then getting a relatively cheap 2x12 ( like an avater or maybe a used mesa). The amp I am getting is the Mesa Boogie F 50. I play with my band at least once a week and we are planning to start gigging soon. It would be easier for me to get the combo for transportation reasons but I dont think the head and 2x12 would be a big issue. The reason I wanted to get a stack was so then next time I decide to get a new amp I can just look for a new head instead of a head and stack or if I absolutely love the head then I can just upgrade to a 4x12 if I need to go louder. So the question is will there be a tone difference between the combo and the stack and what will be easier in the long run? Thanks
The tone difference will come down to the speakers in the combo and the speakers in the cab. The tone will stay the same whether you use a 1x12 combo or a 4x12 half stack, as long as they have the same speakers, its just the 4x12 will sound fuller because there are 4 speakers producing the sound rather than 1. It'll also have better bass response because there is more internal volume in the cab. There wont be any more volume though.
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or next time you could just buy another 212 and super glue them together.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer